Duration: 1:36 min

How to protect yourself from black magic? Someone can do black magic on you


You know people use negative energies to affect other people’s lives. You’re aware of this? What do you call that here? Yes billy sunyam, the black magic, or whatever you call it. There are various kinds of arts. One veda, out of the four vedas, one veda is dedicated towards this. The Atharvaveda is all about how to manipulate energies to your benefit and somebody’s detriment. If you wear rudraksh, it also protects you against that kind of negative situations. Many times, these things could happen to people even though they are not directed towards them. Right now, let’s say somebody is doing some black magic to me. But I am not receptive to it. You are sitting here, you may get it. It is not necessary it must be aimed at you. If you’re susceptible at a certain moment, you will get it. So many, many times people may go through bad patches and things like that. Won’t describe this, I don’t want to create fear in your mind. But many times we have seen people being influenced by certain things not knowing what’s happening, blaming all kinds of things. Not knowing what exactly is happening with themselves. Wearing a simple mala gives a certain level of protection for that person.


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