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How to raise your consciousness?


What is the nature of this life? Now, how to raise this consciousness? See it’s like this. When I came, these lights were dazzling. Too much light. So I said, like this. Now somebody turns down the voltage and became dim. Suppose there is a light here with very low voltage, everything else is off just one light. What do you see? You see only this piece. One little patch. We turned up the voltage a little bit, then you saw that much, oh. Five people are sitting here. Turned up the voltage, suddenly oh so many people are sitting here. All these people did not exist in your experience when the voltage was low. Light was showing only this much, you did not see all this. They’re all living people but you did not see. So consciousness is not an act. Consciousness is not something that you can artificially pump up. To be aware is to be alive. How do you know that you’re alive right now? Only because you’re aware to some extent, isn’t it? Suppose you fell asleep right now, right here, would you know whether you are alive or dead? We know but would you know? You do not know, isn’t it? When you fall asleep maybe you’re dead. You do not know. Only from outside because we see you breathing, we know okay she’s alive, she’s only sleeping. But in your experience you do not even know whether you’re alive or dead, isn’t it? So now you know you’re alive. How? Because you’re little aware. If you become little more aware, you would know many more things. If you become much more aware, you would know many, many more things. For this you don’t try to be aware, you just need to turn up the voltage. For this, there is an established scientific process. How to turn up the voltage to the highest possible level so that everything that we can know about this life, we know naturally because it’s all lit up. Nothing is hiding, everything is lit up so we can see everything. Suppose there’s little light here, we can see her. Little dark patch here, we cannot see them. Yes or no? Now properly lit place, you can see everything that’s here. Does it take an effort? Hello? Does it take an effort? Where is this person, where is that person? Does it take an effort? No. It’s well-lit, you simply see. So consciousness means just this. You are well lit inside so you see everything just the way it is. It’s in this context the word light is used. Enlightenment means you’re fully lit up within yourself.

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