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How to reduce your sleep quota by 2 to 3 hours


So you are supposed to chew your food. Why you are supposed to chew your food is that you have enzymes in your saliva. Where, if you take a little bit of raw rice and put it in your mouth just for a minute, you will see it turns sweet right here because right here carbohydrate is being converted into sugar, right here. So if you eat properly, then we say about 30 to 50% of your digestion should happen in your mouth. So this part of the digestive system is expecting half digested food or partially digested food. But right now the way we’re eating is, mostly we’re putting not only undigested food, but partially destroyed food. So the amount of food that you need to get the same amount of energy has increased. You are eating much more food than what you should eat to generate that much of energy. Because of that, there is inertia in the body because it has to process so much more food than what it should. There is inertia. Once there is inertia, your sleep quota increases. See, this is not that you must deny yourself sleep, that’s not the point. But if you eat right and do a certain things with your body, you see, very effortlessly, within three to four weeks, you can drop your sleep quota anywhere between two to three hours. One and a half to three hours very easily you can drop if you just eat consciously and just learn to sit properly. You know. Just the posture. Your geometry of the body and what goes into the system. If you just manage these two things, you’ll see sleep quota will just come down like that. So what kind of food do you eat so there is no inertia in the body. In yogic way of seeing things, we are looking at thamas, rajas, and sattva. Thamas means inertia. Rajas means activity but no balance. Sattva means absolutely balanced kind of energy.

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