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How to unfold your genius?

In caculation, there is stress and struggle of the mind. In giving, there is joy.

In calculation there is stress and struggle of the mind. In giving there is joy. When I say giving, first we must understand we came with nothing, nothing in our hands. So giving is a misnomer. There is nothing to give because nothing here really belongs to us. Every generation of people who lived here, the countless generations of people who lived here, every one of them thought this is their world. They own it, they possess it, they wanted to conquer it. Where are they? Where are they right now? So the same is true with us. So there is nothing to give. It is just that, in the sense of how you hold yourself. Instead of being in a conquest mode, if you’re in the mode of an offering, you will see the unpacking of your genius can happen much better. Or in other words, on one level, when you’re in a state of offering, you will do everything that you can do and that’s very important. Everything that we can do, we must do. What we cannot do anyway won’t happen, that’s a different matter. But what we can do, if it doesn’t happen, that’s a tragedy. In too much calculation there is enormous stress and struggle because first of all the struggle is about what to do, what not to do. How much to do, how much not to do. Unfortunately this is considered being smart. If you go to the marketplace, if you pay less and get more you’re considered smart. If you pay more and get less you’re stupid. But this marketplace philosophy doesn’t work with life. In life you give it all. You just give it all. You need not get anything in this. There is tremendous joy, tremendous sense of fulfillment and above all it will lead to unfolding of your being, your genius and all other possibilities that you hold within yourself. May you know the joy of being an offering to the world. May you know the joy of blossoming into the fullest possible human being. My wish and my blessings to every one of you.

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