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How to use speech to create positive energy


Vak Shuddhi means cleansing the sounds that you utter. If you bring the right intention into every single sound that you utter, these sounds will reverberate in a certain way within you. This foundation of the right kind of reverberation is necessary if you want to use this human system as a higher possibility. Otherwise, it will only drag behind you all the time. If you want this to be a bigger possibility, this must have a foundation of the right kind of reverberation. And Vak Shuddhi, or cleansing the sounds that you utter is an important part of that. See, speech is a special gift to a human being. In terms of the complexity of what a human being can utter, no other creature can do this. The languages were consciously created so that simple utterance of the language will purify the system. Samskrit language was created like this. So most of us, probably, are speaking in English language most of the time. English language has the minimum range of sounds, very minimum. This is why, right from your birth if you’re speaking only English language, you find it so difficult to utter some other mantra or some other language. Because you’re using a very minimum range of expression. So the more minimalistic the range of sounds that you utter happens, the less Vak Shuddhi you have. So now you have to fix it by a certain active awareness and volition. One is the sound. Another is the intention of the sound. You can say aye out of great love or you can say aye out of something else. Now both of them will not produce the same impact on the system because the volition of the action is, the important or the major part of the karmic process is in the volition, not in action. Similarly, major part of the karma is in the volition, not in the sound. But if the sounds were scientifically structured as in the mantras and in Samskrit language, then even without much awareness if you utter, still you would benefit simply because of the nature of the arrangement of sounds. But now we are speaking languages which are no more made like that. So it is best to handle it with intention.

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