Duration: 2:18 min

If you do this few days in a week, you will stop aging


If you can transition from wakefulness to sleep consciously, you will also be able to transition from life to death consciously. It is important that one crosses this line from physical to non-physical dimension in a conscious manner. There are many dimensions attached to it, many possibilities attached to it. But at a moment when you’re about to lose almost everything that you know as yourself, in the form of your body and mind and everything else around you, you being conscious will become a questionable thing. So the best way is that you’re conscious every moment of your life. Well, you can fool yourself to think you’re conscious every moment of your life. So a simple check on a daily basis is just this, can you stay conscious till the last moment till you fall asleep? Can you fall asleep consciously? Well you don’t have to try to be conscious during sleep, but that moment when you pass from wakefulness to sleep being conscious will do wonders to you in terms of your awareness, in terms of your health, above all in terms of revitalizing your body and your mind in a huge way. If not every day, at least a few days in a week if you are moving from wakefulness to sleep consciously, there will be no aging process within you. That is, your cellular age will stay the same for a long period of time. It will not age with the chronological age of who you are.

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