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Is ‘Akasha’ Space?


Nobody said akasha is space. We said akasha is ether. It’s not an appropriate translation but reasonably. Ether is not space. Ether is a certain dimension of existence; subtle. When we say space, we are talking about kala or non-existence. We are talking about Shiva, that which is not. When we say akasha, we are talking about that which is. There is water, there is physical material, there is air, there is temperature, there’s fire and there is akasha which makes this. Don’t try to understand that, just get this right. There is a very, you know there’s a temple in Karnataka in southern India. Which is called the Annapoorneshwari temple. Anybody from Karnataka? You’ve been to Annapoorneshwari? So, at the rear part of the temple where most people may not go, because I am always poking into nooks and corners, others are all happy looking at the goddess. There is an inscription in Hala Kannada, that means the old type of Kannada, which is over 3000 years old. There’s an inscription talking about how to design an airplane in a temple. And they’re saying you can do like this but if you fly these machines, it will disturb the ether in the planet. If it disturbs the akasha, when they say akasha, don’t think space. They’re saying if you disturb the akasha, then human beings will not know peace in their life. Once akasha is disturbed, then psychological disturbances will become enormous. I think you’re a living proof. I think there was an old movie by Manoj Kumar which said, sure airplanes and airplanes and you know the disturbance that it’s causing and he’s glad his ears went away one day. Something like that, yes? So if we suck out the akasha, this physical body will not exist for a moment. So when we say akasha, we are still talking about five elements. As you yourself, in the question you mentioned. Among the five elements, akasha is one. So when we say elements, we are not talking about empty space. We are talking about one more substance like earth, like water, like air, like fire. We are talking about one more aspect of five elements. So do not mistake akasha for empty space.

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