Duration: 2:51 min

Is inception possible? Can someone plant thoughts into you?


Can somebody plant a thought? Definitely. Definitely, yes. If you’re talking about someone consciously wanting to plant a thought in you, is that possible? Very much possible. But you shouldn’t get into this mode. Because every time you do something wrong, you will think somebody planted this in my mind. Even if you let somebody plant it in your head, it is still your doing, isn’t it? In fact, we can plant a whole philosophy into you, if you want. Why just a thought? A whole series of thought, a complex series of thought we can plant into your head. But, there are different ways of planting a thought. There are dark ways of doing it. The dark ways of doing it involves various dark arts through which they will plant negative thoughts in your head. Where you will work for your own destruction. So if you’re talking about negative thoughts being implanted into you, all you have to do is bring some simple meditation or something where your system gets organized in such a way that these things cannot affect you. Or you must carry something with you which will create a certain cocoon of energies around you where these things cannot affect you. There are various ways of preventing somebody else influencing your thought. There are straight ways of doing it. There are other ways of doing it, where a thought is not planted. You are made to think in a certain way, purely for your well-being. This needs to be done. Otherwise, you will just scatter yourself all over the place and spend your life without any purpose. Without getting anywhere.


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