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Is our education system destroying intelligence (with Sir Ken Robinson)


As we are looking for an evolution of a human being through the education system, the education system should be always an evolving process by itself. When we think in terms of a perfect school, we’re thinking of again fixing it somewhere. That’s what needs to change. As one can develop muscle by doing certain things with the body, one can develop intelligence. The fundamental aspect of developing intelligence is, right now there are some studies. I know, I don’t know, you must tell me, I’m not an expert on these things. Which say, if a child goes through 20 years of formal education and comes out with a PhD, they say 70% of intelligence is irrevocably destroyed. I have a PhD, I don’t know. I leave that to you. So essentially, what’s being said by the studies is, we’re mistaking information for education by deadening the brain with too much information definitely the possibility of intelligence is lost. This is why I said, what we accumulate and who we are should remain separate. Who I am should not be influenced by what I have accumulated, whether they’re material things, or information, or impressions. This is of the world. I would like to little differ in what was said in terms of child’s inner world and external world. What we are mistaking to be in our world is still external in my perception, because a child’s fears ambitions aspirations are all external, inspired or infected, I would say, by the outside situation. It is not natural aspiration of life. Natural aspiration of life, if you look at it, if you leave someone uninfluenced from outside, the natural aspiration is always to expand, not to become less. But if you look at today’s form of education, because it’s purely intellect-based education, there’s no other dimension of intelligence in it. And I think, in this part of the world, there is a serious mistake that intellect has been mistaken for intelligence. Intellect, your intellect can function only with the backing of your memory. Or in other words, your intellect functions with accumulated information. If I take away all your memory, your intellect is quite useless by itself. But there are other dimensions of intelligence within you, which does not need the support of memory. If education systems do not focus on activating these dimensions of intelligence, you will find factory workers. You will not find a genius in every home.


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