Duration: 2:08 min

Is technology modern life slavery?


In the era of democratisisation, of technology, innovation, smart phone, internet, social media, we are becoming more and more dependent on all of those tools. I am one of them. They are as important today as food, water, as breath, as air. I’m sorry for the question. Are we human beings becoming stupid? Are we slaves? Is this the modern life, modern life slavery for you? No, I don’t see it that way. Even if you are a caveman, you would carry a stick in your hand. You would never keep the stick down because it was necessary. Maybe there was a snake, maybe there was an animaly, maybe there was something else. Always a stick. Today you’re carrying a cellphone. I don’t see any difference. That stick was useful at that time. This phone is useful now. Now this is technology which has enabled us to do so many things. I remember 25 years ago, 30 years ago when I was building the foundation, you know, I had to go into those booth with a black phone and make 100, 200 calls at a time. Today if I just think about it, my phone calls. Alright? If I say a word, it’ll call who I want and it’s done. So life has become so much better because of a phone. But now people are in a state of compulsiveness. Anything you give, they’re so compulsive, they make it into suffering. Compulsive eating, compulsive drinking, compulsive everything. So the problem is not phone, problem is not something else. Compulsiveness is the problem. The solution is only consciousness, there is no other way. And controlling ourselves. No, not controlling. Becoming conscious. If you become conscious, you’re liberated, not controlled.


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