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Is your breath balanced? Check with this experiment


If you take your forefinger, place it beneath your nostrils and gently exhale. Find out in which nostril the breath is dominant right now. How many of you right? Left? Okay it’s either right or left. If you observe yourself through the day, you would have noticed that approximately between 40 to 48 minutes the dominance of the breath will shift from right to left and left to right. Have you ever noticed this? Have you? Why this is happening is, within the system, the dominance of energy or prana, which is the vital force in the system, is shifting from pingala to eda and eda to pingala every 40 minutes. Once the energy shifts, within the next eight minutes the breath will shift. If you’re in a perfect state of health and well-being, it will shift within a few moments. Or we can say instantaneously. This shifting is happening every 40 minutes. But during certain times of the day, which are referred to as the sandhya kalas which means the twilight zones. 20 minutes before sunrise, 20 minutes after sunrise. Oh that’s okay Sadhguru, tell me if there are other times. 20 minutes before noon, 20 minutes after noon. 20 minutes before sunset, 20 minutes after sunset. 20 minutes before midnight and 20 minutes after midnight. 40 minutes at a time, four times during the day, there is a certain transition happening. These are called twilight zones or sandhyas. Because at this time the balance between eda and pingala shifts very rapidly. Because it’s shifting rapidly within yourself, it’s very easy to bring it to a balance at these times. So bringing a balance between eda and pingala is important for a balanced development of a human being.

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