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Mastering the five elements for ultimate health & well-being

The body is made of five fundamental elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space. The quality of your life essentially depends on how wonderful these five elements are within you.

This body is made of five fundamental elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. The quality of your life essentially depends on how wonderful these five elements are within you. These five elements being the very basis of creation, the entire cosmos is a mischief of these five elements. Just with five ingredients how much has been done. This is the brilliance of creation that with simply five fundamental ingredients so much variety has been done. Having mastery over these five elements will give you a tremendous sense of command over your own life. Your personal health, your mental well-being, your ability to impact the world, and to be able to influence the very atmosphere in which you exist. This is possible for every human being to do this. I am not even talking about the deeper dimensions of your consciousness. I am just talking about the five elements, the fundamental life making material within you. The physical world can be largely mastered with mastery over these five elements. And the very basis of yoga, the root of yoga, is in the fundamental practice called the Bhuta Shuddhi, or how to cleanse the elements in such a way that they will function at their highest. This Bhuta Shuddhi practice is the very core of yogic sciences. And every other aspect of yoga which is called as preparatory in nature of – Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama – all these four aspects of yoga in the Ashtanga yoga or the eight limb yoga, first four dimensions of yoga are essentially in Bhuta Shuddhi practices. By mastering the five elements or even having a little control over the five elements, you can feel greatly enhanced, both physically, psychologically, energy wise and in terms of the world. This is something every youth should start in. It is such a crime that in this culture where almost the entire culture has a yogic basis to it, today we are running schools and parents are bringing up their children without even a scent of yoga in their life. Without even any attempt to give them some mastery over the five elements. This is the tragedy that we are seeing right now. It’s my wish and my blessing, every parent, if you have a child and yourself, you must make sure that some amount of time and energy is dedicated to the enhancement of the life that you are. And the foundations of life which is your body and mind, must be greatly enhanced. Only then you can craft your own destiny. Otherwise you are like a dry leaf being thrown around by the wild winds around you.

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