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Mental health tip: Eat the right food


In this country, we made food like this. If you have to do only physical jobs you eat one way, mental things another way. But today none of us are in that condition. We have to be both physically sharp and mentally sharp, isn’t it? That exclusivity of just physical work and mental work is gone. All of us need to be physically good and mentally good. So eating the right kind of food becomes very necessary. Particularly, some of the things are very, very positive are the ash gourd. If you consume a glass of ash gourd juice every day, you will see, clearly, the sharpness of your intellect will enhance itself. You will be mentally much sharper than the way you are right now. Especially children must drink ash gourd juice, daily consumption of ash gourd. You will see, distinctly, your mind seems to be clearer and sharper. This will be noticeable within a few weeks of consumption of ash gourd. If you drink coffee, it gives you energy with agitation. You drink a glass of ash gourd juice, it gives you enormous amount of energy, at the same time it keeps you very, very calm. Daily consumption of honey can do wonderful things to you. Especially if you have children at home, make honey culture part of your thing. Psychological stability, physical well-being, vitality, all these things can be greatly enhanced simply consuming daily honey.

Mental Health

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