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One day the whole world will do yoga


Thousands of years ago, when Adiyogi looked at or, transmitted the tools of transformation, which got labelled as yoga. When this was transmitted, Adiyogi firmly believed that one day the entire world will take to it. There are scraps of information here and there of him talking about how every human being, someday, will evolve to take on to some tools of yoga. When they asked why so many, do we need so many? One, two, three would be enough. Why do we need so many? He said the entire world will take to it so many are needed. Not everybody will like the same thing. Somebody would like to do it this way, somebody would like to do it that way, so all these are needed. The initial teachers, or the first teachers, of this, of this science. The Sapta Rishis obviously express doubt. We have not even seen those people, we don’t know who they are in strange lands, we don’t know what kind they are, will they all take to this? He said your business is to plant the seeds. One seed can turn the earth green, entire earth green. It has the potency. Your business is to keep the potency of the seed. When the weather is right, it will turn green. By the end of May, those of you who live through May here, you are beginning to think the end of the world is coming. Yes? It’s beginning to feel like everything is going to wilt and die in this heat. See. When the weather changes, everything bursts back into life. Every time the seasons happen, it’s like this. In temperate climates it’s far more dramatic. In the winter months, if you look out, it looks like end of the world. Looks like, if you don’t know seasons change, and if you look around, you think the world is going to come to an end. Not a single leaf, not a spot of green, everything has gone. But as the ice melts and spring comes on, life bursts forth. So Adiyogi said, your business is not to teach yoga to everybody, your business is to keep the potency of the seed. You keep the seed pure and strong. When the weather is right, it will happen.


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