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Only with this quality you can live a full life


Equanimity or lack of equanimity is not a question of what we’re doing. It’s about how we are. How much control do we have on our own thought process, our emotion, our chemistry, our energies. To what extent is this human mechanism in your hands? It’s like this. See let’s say you don’t know how to ride a bicycle. You just sat on a bicycle which was on a stand and you were just pedalling for fun. But it came off the stand and started going. Anxiety or no? It started going fast. Fear or no? It started going very fast. Terror or no? Yes. But if you know how to ride the bicycle, the faster it goes. Fun, isn’t it? The same thing with this. All my life, I risk my life for nothing. Not for the country. Simply, for the fun of it. Everyday I risk my life for something because otherwise, I can’t live without danger. This is my problem. I have to do something where I’m on the edge. So, a whole lot of people are doing adventure sports. Why? Because the more you take it to the edge, there is more fun in it. Question is, are you equanimous to enjoy it? Or are you going to freak? So once you have taken upto a soldier’s profession, I think we should equip them to have an equanimity where they don’t suffer this on a daily basis. After all they’re human beings, there will be issues within them. But bringing equanimity to the minds of our soldiers and officers is very, very important. India being so steeped in this knowledge of how to maintain your interiority. I’m repeatedly going back to this, it is in the war field that the greatest teachings happen in this country because it was needed most there.

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