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Part 5: Rapid fire questions by Karan Johar


I know you haven’t seen any of my films, but do you have a favourite film? Oh. I’ve seen many good movies. At one time I saw a lot of them. I’ve not seen much of Indian cinema. But I saw lot of, you know, English cinema. But one movie that I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed at that time because on that day the way things happened. Many life situations fell together and everything. It was ‘Roman Holiday’. Oh. Well, I have to say, that that’s the first film I’ve ever seen in my life. My mother took me to the cinema. Here we are. It is true. ‘Roman Holiday’ is the first film I ever saw, it was my introduction to the big screen. I’m glad I have something in common with you. That image of Audrey and Gregory Peck somehow just stayed with me. Wonderful. It was probably my age. Must’ve been. Something you enjoy doing and wish you had more time for. I wish I had more time. Because I made myself like this that there is nothing that I enjoy or do not enjoy. I make sure I enjoy everything that I do, including simply sitting quietly, or talking to somebody, or doing whatever because my activity is not limited to one area. There are so many things. If you did not enjoy everything that you do and do not do, you will go insane trying to manage so many things. But I’ll not go insane because I enjoy being alive. Activities, anything is okay. Everything I do, I enjoy. Small things, big things, every kind of thing. Most profound things and silly things, I enjoy thoroughly. As with us all. Lastly, in a biopic made on you, who would play you? But who would make a biopic first of all? No, there will be lots of interested people. Maybe you should animate.

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