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Potato & Stale Food Cause Lethargy

Did you know that eating #Potato and stale, refrigerated food causes lethargy! Sadhguru explains this through the lens of Yogic Physiology, as to why this happens.

If you generate gases below the navel, that is, if you eat certain types of foods well, we’ve gone through this for those of you who’ve been in Inner Engineering. If you eat too much of tuberous material, like potatoes and other tuberous substances, you will generate gas which is below the navel. Another reason this is happening across the world today is, as the world, or as the fools think they’re becoming more and more modern, their food gets older and older and older. Fresh food is for the uncivilized. If you’re very civilized, you must go to a superstore, buy a box. It has a plastic wrap, take it, and throw it, knowing fully well it cannot be biodegraded. And, the can is made of something else, usually plastic or aluminum or whatever. From that, if you want, you can heat it in the microwave which is one more bad thing you’re doing. And eat. This may be minimum three months old. No, no it was in the refrigerator. It is preserved. And they have put preservatives so that it doesn’t go bad. That is a double mistake. Now, in the yogic tradition, if you cook anything, maximum within one and a half hours you must consume it. If there are certain types of items, up to four hours is okay. Beyond that you don’t touch. It doesn’t matter how tasty it is, how nice it is, you don’t touch anything because then you will develop gases in the system. Gas is not only in the stomach, that you will feel obviously. But you will develop vayus in the system which will work against your pranavayu. That means, your respiratory action, and your thought process, and your sense of smell will get lowered over a period of time. These three are very vital for you to be a vibrant human being.

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