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Rising intellect will nurture questions (theist or atheist)


Human intellect has sparked like never before. No, no don’t look so complimented. But anyway, it’s true that more people can think for themselves today than ever before in the history of humanity. Whether they’re thinking right or not, that’s a big question. But at least they’re thinking something. So once human intellect fires like this, and it will continue in the coming years, you can’t stop it. Then solutions for life in another place is not going to work. Because, I want you to understand, with all due respect to all the great scriptures on the planet. Most of the scriptures on the planet cannot withstand two logical questions. If you ask two questions, it will collapse. It can remain sacred and up there only as long as you prevent it from asking these questions. These two questions only a few rare human beings asked in the past, or till now. If people genuinely start asking few fundamental questions, all fancy solutions up there will collapse and come down to life here. Once that happens, turning inward is an obvious step. There is no other way. Just simple questions, that’s all. Answers not needed. Just questions for which there are no answers in any book. So these questions are being raised because it’s very natural for human intellect to come up with these questions, unless it’s heavily indoctrinated. Initially, intellect will turn you into an atheist. It’s a natural consequence, you know. When your logic starts asking questions, you naturally become an atheist. As your logic evolves further, you will understand the childishness of being atheist, or theist, for that matter. Then you will want genuine answers. The evolution of human intellect will naturally lead to solutions from within. Then the methods and technologies that yoga has to offer will become a phenomenal significance.

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