Duration: 2:47 min

Sadhguru maps the Chakras of a person

Sadhguru studies the Prana system of a person, and tells them about the imbalances in their Chakras, and how to bring them to balance.

If you read the basic map of one’s prana you know their past, present and future – everything about that person. Because in a way your life is just a manifestation of your energies, how they function. So with the yogic system, what you’re trying to do is, to change how it functions from an unconscious repetition of things, or it is right now being heavily manipulated by the memory bank that one has or the karmic structure that one has, accordingly the energy energy is moving. Now if we look at this, let’s forget whose image this is okay. This is like a an energy x-ray for immediate purposes. We can make a much elaborate one, but that would take much more involvement. This is for immediate – so now if you look at this map, what you will see is, Muladhara is slightly imbalanced, needs little more work. Swadhishthana not very strong, but okay. Manipuraka is good. Anahata confused. You know what these are? You know which is which? Anahata is confused, and a little bit of like that. Vishuddhi – nothing might just happened, as you’re born it is. Agna okay, stable, nothing phenomenal but it is potential. I think because of a certain continuous emotional pattern, the system has become slightly skewed, which must be corrected. Hatha Yoga is the right thing to do. If you do proper Hata Yoga, this slightly skewed positions that your energy system has taken, will naturally get corrected.

Yogic Physiology

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