Duration: 1:33 min

Sadhguru unlocks the secret of the 7 chakras


When one masters one’s Muladhara, which got referred to as Kayakalpa, you become like a rock. You want to make the body last for a millenia or more. When Swadishthana sadhana is done, burst of energy happens. One can deliver a God, but you may lose your body. If you bring any sound to Manipuraka without opening your mouth, the very body reverbrates the sound. When one is dominant in their Anahata, they start hearing things. A reasonably stable person can go crazy. The moment Vishuddhi is active, you become occult competent. Disembodied beings will naturally move towards you. Agna means, there is clarity. The level of freedom it gives you is tremendous. The Sahasrar is total madness. The moment energy stirs Sahasrar, you trip ecstasy.

Yogic Physiology

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