Duration: 4:00 min

Sadhguru’s experiment with Death


This happened to me when I was just 13 years of age. We went for a Dusshera vacation, which was just about 15 days or so, and when we came back, we realized one of our classmates had died. A girl. In the vacation time she died of pneumonia. So her brother, who was one year junior to us, came back and said she died in the vacation. So initially we thought this was fun and we tried to imitate a female voice and answer our attendance and things, because they were still calling her name in the attendance book. But after some time this just freaked me out. This girl is just our age, she was right here, and she just evaporated. Where the hell is she? I thought she’s going to come back after a few days. Do the act and come back. But then I saw this is not an act, it’s gone. This just got me up like this and I couldn’t go to school for a few days. This is not something emotional or nothing. Okay? I have nothing for that person as such, but just the intrigue that somebody who was real just like me, poof. Search where you want. So I really wanted to know what the hell happens. It just so freaked my mind, I wanted to know. So I thought I’ll go and see myself. Because I’m made like this, I want to go and see everything for myself. So I went and researched through my father’s medicine cabinet. Then I found a bottle of barbiturates and I took them out. Because it was opened, I counted there were 98 of them. And I just mildly inquired, how many does it take. They said an adult could die with 30. 25-30 tablets, they could die. And I thought I am only 13. 98 is good enough. So I had lots of properties. Many things, you know, I won’t tell you what all they are. I distributed all of them among my friends and I told a few of my friends you know I’m going, I want to see what the hell this is. They thought I’m joking, they were happy I’m giving away things. They thought some nut case is talking something. So I went home and I knew if I’m on empty stomach it’ll be good and I refused to eat my dinner. I said, I have stomach pain, I don’t want to eat. And I swallowed 98 barbiturates and went to sleep. And then I don’t know what happened. After three days I sort of opened my eyes and I was not in heaven or hell or anywhere. When I saw the rafters, I knew it was my dad’s hospital. I immediately closed my eyes. I thought I knew I was in the wrong place. Three days they gave me some, all kinds of stomach washes and they kept me on drip and they did every kind of possible thing and they didn’t let me go. Three days later, after all that, I still did not know anything. All I knew was I blanked out for three days and I was in a hospital bed. Then I knew this is not the way to find out.


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