Duration: 3:53 min

Sadhgurus mystical experience in the Himalayas


Let me try to bring a little experience to you. This was many years ago. At that time I used to travel alone in Himalayas. But now traveling alone is impossible. If I go, I have a full 10 bus loads of people with me. So I went to Kedar. Beyond Kedar there’s a place called Kanti Sarovar. Anybody been to Kedar? Nobody. Okay, that’s good. Beyond Kedar there’s a place called Kanti Sarovar. The legend goes like this, that Shiva and Parvati lived on the banks of Kanti Sarovar. The sages lived in Kedar. So sometimes they came down visiting, that’s how the legend goes. So I wanted to see this Kanti Sarovar. I just went there and I just went and sat on a particular rock. See, me as a person, I have always avoided learning Sanskrit language. Though I had an immense liking towards the language, I avoided learning it when I had the opportunities to learn. Because the moment you learn Sanskrit, you will end up reading the scriptures. My own vision has never failed me even for a moment in my life. I didn’t want to clutter myself with traditions and scriptures and other things. Right now everything that I do is simply, purely from the source, not cluttered with any tradition, any scripture, any teaching. Simply looking at life. So I didn’t want to read scriptures. I consciously avoided Sanskrit language. And that day, I was sitting there alone. In terms of visual beauty, it’s the most incredible place that you can think of. You know, snow clad mountain peaks, completely snow clad everything and there’s a, you know, like a lake which is about two kilometers, two square kilometers kind of lake. Absolutely still, reflecting the mountains. It’s, you know, not even a blade of grass anywhere, everything is white and this patch of water reflecting the mountains. It’s indescribable really. Even visually I’m saying. So I was just sitting there, my eyes open. And suddenly everything in my experience, my physical body, the rock on which I’m sitting, the mountains, the lake, everything became sound. What was all form became everything into sound. Now that sounds crazy. When everything becomes sound, we call such a status Ritambhara Prajna. When you’re in a Ritambhara state, everything becomes sound. It’s based on this Nada Brahma. And in my own voice, this song is going on like full volume. I can clearly feel that my mouth is shut, I am not singing but it’s my voice in full volume. The song is just going on.


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