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Should I listen to my head or my heart


So there’s a whole lot of enterprise going on in the world by complicating very simple aspects of life. Really. If you complicate something with incomprehensible words and if you have a lot of words to do it, then you will seem profound because anyway nobody can understand what the hell it is. The thing that you’re referring to as your heart, is generally the emotional side of you. So you’re separating what is thought and what is emotion. Let me ask you a simple question. If you look at yourself carefully in your day-to-day activity, you will notice this. The way you think is the way you emote. Right now, if I think you are such a wonderful person, I will have sweet emotions towards yo. Which I hope you’re thinking. This is not a confession. If I think she’s horrible, I’ll have nasty emotions towards you. Right. I cannot think you’re wonderful and have nasty emotions towards you. I cannot think you’re horrible and have sweet emotions towards you. It is impractical and it’s not possible. People act those things and it never works. People. I hate her but I’ll be nice to her. They will go like this and do like this. Have you seen this happening? Nice things are done in a horrible way. It is happening in families, among friends, whatever. Nice things are done in such a horrible way. If you want to do something horrible, just do something horrible at least. Don’t spoil the nice things in a horrible way. So now the question is just this, thought and emotion – are they same or are they two different realms? They’re not. Thought is agile. See today I can think. Right now I think you’re wonderful. Just next moment you did something I don’t like, I think you’re horrible. My thought immediately changes because it’s agile. But my emotion is happy. It’ll take three days, it’ll struggle and slowly turn around. It has a larger turning arc but after three days it’ll come my way. For some people it’s three days, some people three months but they will turn around, isn’t it? Yes or no? The way you think is the way you feel, there is no other way. It is also true, the way you feel is the way you think also. It depends which is more dominant in you. In a person if emotion is forefront, the way they feel is the way they think. If thought is forefront, the way they think is the way they feel. You can’t think one way and feel another way. That only happens temporarily for some time but emotion will catch up.

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