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Should I pray to god?


So touching that dimension which is beyond the physical means you want to touch that dimension which is the basis of the physical. When you say, that which is the basis of the physical, what you’re talking is that you are not interested in creation but you are interested in the source of creation. There if you go and stand in front of the creator, at least there you must keep your ideas down, isn’t it? Your ideas must be kept down for some time when the creator is here, isn’t it so? Isn’t he the biggest idea? Now you don’t go stand in front of that which is the basis of creation and throw your ideas at him. You are his idea. Yes? You are just a figment of his idea. If he withdraws his idea, you’re gone. So you don’t put your ideas. So this is the essence of meditativeness. Prayer means you’re telling god what to do. You think you’re god’s consultant. Meditation means you’ve understood your limitations, now you just shut up. If you just shut up, just shut up on all levels, everything that needs to happen to you will happen to you. All the training is just to help them to shut up. That you don’t throw your silly ideas at the creator. You just shut up.

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