Duration: 3:19 min

Should I trust my intuition or logic?


In the yogic way of looking at things, there is no such thing as body and mind. There is physical body, there is mental body, there is energy body. The energy body comprises of 72,000 nadis. When we say a nadi, it means a channel or a pathway. Nadi does not mean a nerve. If you cut open this body, you will not see the nadis. There is no such thing physically. But experientially if you observe the nature of the movement of energy in the system, you will see that it always moves along established pathways, never randomly. So there are 72,000 ways in which it moves. 36 on the right, 36 on the left. 36,000 on either side. The right is called as pingala, the left is referred to as eda. These are also referred to as sun and moon. So these two, eda and pingala or the sun and the moon, the right and the left. On the level of your mind signify the logical and the intuitive. When I say intuitive, intuition is not another dimension of perception. But just another dimension of computing. If you have the same amount of information within you, if you go logically, there may be 10 steps to get to a place. Intuition means you don’t take the 10 steps, you just jump to the 10th step. But today modern education systems, 100% are stomping on the intuitive dimension. Only the logical is developed. Anything intuitive is dismissed off as mumbo jumbo. For everything you have to think through. What your grandmothers just knew, today you have to do a billion dollar research to find the same thing. So in the yogic system, the significance of the intuition is as important as the logical. So bringing a balance between eda and pingala is a very important part of living a balanced life. Being able to conduct yourself through complex situations with ease comes only when the intuitive dimension of your mind is sufficiently evolved and developed.


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