Duration: 3:27 min

Single minded focus – the key to success


So, will the body complain sometimes? Of course it does. If the body is not complaining, that means you are not using it. Hello? It must complain. But you don’t complain, this is all you have to learn. For this you need devotion towards what you’re doing. If you don’t have devotion, before the body, mind will complain, emotion will complain, everything will complain. No, no, no. First body should complain. That means you’re stretched physically. Then, mind can take a little judicious decision, like me, you can take a break like me. That means only till 12 O’clock you’re active in the night. Only till midnight, after that you’re sleeping. Otherwise it’ll go on till 2 a.m. It’s a break day. If your body is not feeling, life is tough. Body, not mind. If your body is not feeling life is tough, that means you’re not doing anything worthwhile. Your body should be constantly stretched, it must feel it’s tough. When you go to bed, you should not sleep, you must die. Yes. One pillow like this. No. You lie down on the rock, you fall dead just like that. That’s how you should be by the end of the day. Then next day morning it will bounce back as if it’s being born again. This way, no. You must feel it’s tough on the system. Because this is the nature of this, the harder you stretch it, the stronger it becomes, the better it becomes. Those who are trying to save it for another day, not using it, they will. Life cannot be preserved, this must be understood. Dead things can be preserved, life cannot be preserved. It can only be nourished and used. If you are trying to preserve and save yourself, not going to work.


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