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Stop doing this in the morning | Two simple tips to wake up well


So what kind of sounds you come awake to will determine the context of the day and the future of your life in many ways. So coming awake to an alarm bell with a certain start is not the best way to do your life. It is best that if you need a certain amount of sleep. If your body right now, because of the kind of food that you consume and the kind of thoughts and emotions that you process within yourself, accordingly, and the level of vibrance that you have managed within your body will determine how much sleep you need. Let us say you need 3, I’m sorry. Let’s say you need 8 or 12 hours of sleep. I was saying the wrong number. Whatever amount of sleep you need, you know how much you need. So you go to bed early enough, so that you come awake naturally. If you are coming awake naturally, and suppose you have a doubt whether you’ll come awake or not, if you have a certain chant. If you have identified one of the Vairagya chants, you can use it. Physiologically, one important aspect of you is your heart. The pumping station for your blood circulation, which pumps life across the body. This one thing doesn’t happen, nothing happens. This starts from left side. So, we told you, you know, in India they have told you when you wake up you must roll to your right side and get up. Have they? Left side if you roll and get up, bad things will happen to you. Did they tell you? Bad things are not about that. When you are in a certain state of relaxation, when the body is in relaxation, the metabolic activity is low. When you get up, there is a certain surge of activity. That’s why they told you in India. All these things are built into your life which you are throwing away. The whole science pf living has been built into your life. They told you in the morning before you wake up, you must rub your hands together and see like this. Not see like this, you must place it upon your eyes. You do this, you will see God. It’s not about seeing God. If you rub these two things together, all the nerve endings, there is a heavy concentration of nerve endings in your hands. If you do this, the system comes awake immediately. You are feeling asleep, you are feeling sleepy, just do this and see. Everything comes awake. So morning before you move your body, you get it awake first and then place it upon your eyes. Instantly a whole range of nerves, connected with your eyes and the other aspects of your senses, come awake. Before you move your body, you body and your brain should be active. You shoudn’t get up dumb, that’s the idea. You understand? So you do that, and then roll over to your right and get up.


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