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Stressed? – Watch this now


Stress if one aspect of life that is making too many people’s life bitter. Stress is like friction in a machine. Stress is not a part of your life. If you know how to manage your body, your mind, your emotions and your energy there is no question of stress. Most people think it is their job, it is their family, it is their life situations, it is the taxes, it is the unpaid bills, which are stress. Stress is essentially your inability to manage your own system, that is, there is not enough lubrication in the system to function in a smooth and easy way. Life situations are always there for everyone but each person manages it differently depending upon how smoothly his or her own system functions within itself. If you know how to manage this human system or this human mechanism then there is no question of stress. If you think the work that you are doing is important the first thing is you have to work upon yourself. If you have intentions of wanting to expand the scope of your lif, first thing that you have to do is work upon yourself because how successful you are in the world essentially depends on how friction free this mechanism is. You can bring your system to a frictionless state of fucntion with simple practices.

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