Duration: 3:18 min

The 3 Magic Words!


Magic words. I’m sure all of you have gone through those magic words. You know what the magic words are? What? No that’s not the order. Sorry is not the first one. What are you up to? Sorry is not the first one. Please, sorry and thank you. Well you can learn such tricks. I’m not saying you should not say this. If the magic is happening within you and those words came, fantastic. No magic in you, you just got the words. You have a sense of entitlement but you say please, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s better at least you show who you are. Oh please can I have it and any way you grab it. I see this all the time. And then you kick somebody in their back side and then say sorry. It doesn’t mean anything. You take what you want from everybody and then say thank you as if they gave it to you. No. These things are supposed to represent that you have no sense of entitlement. You understand that nothing really belongs to you here. So even if you want a glass of water, you say please. If you really see it that way, even a glass of water or a morsel of food doesn’t belong to you. Fortunately it’s available to you so you say please. Wonderful. Anything that you do, you may be hurting somebody, you may be stepping on something. Knowingly, unknowingly. So if somebody even looks at you, say sorry if you’re feeling that way. And thank you because you have a sense of gratitude for everything that’s come your way genuinely. So the word may come or it may find some other expression. What should be a magic within you, happens only in your behaviour. That is a tragedy of moralistic societies. That they do all the right things but nothing right happens within them.

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