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The amazing healing powers of 100 years old Ghee (clarified butter)


I’m going to ask you one thing. Right now in Kerala people are claiming, and we don’t know how much of it is true, but I know some of it is true. People have preserved ghee in the earth, they buried it in the earth and kept it for over 100 years. And it seems this ghee has tremendous healing possibilities. Can you say something? Yeah, yeah. So this hundred years old ghee, purana gratam, is the best medicine for eczema, psoriasis. Even if you take internally, it can heal peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, IBS – irritable bowel syndrome. Many disorders. Even autoimmune diseases. So this promotes ojas. That is called shata. Shata means hundred years. Means the ghee is buried in a clay pot into the soil 100 years. Because when ghee is staying in the soil for 100 years, that much long time, some molecular changes happen within the ghee. And that ghee is rich in ojas, it is rich in tejas and it is rich in prana. Because ultimately the pure essence of vata dosha is pran. Pure essence of pitta is tejas and kapha is ojas. And at cellular level, ojas, tejas, pran, they maintain cellular metabolic activity, cellular intelligence and flow of communication. Prana is a flow of communication. So at cellular level, ojas, tejas, prana, they are operating and enhancing the cellular life.

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