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The benefits and dangers of shaving your head


If you prune this tree today, the tree will focus its energy towards the area that’s been pruned. And you will see, suppose you prune this part of the tree and don’t ruin that, you will see in this part of the tree, the number of leaves that will come out in the next 15 days or a month is much, much more than in the other part of the tree. Have you noticed this? Yes or no? Because now that this is pruned, the tree directs its energy in that direction. The others, it will leave and direct this way because here the leaf must come back. The same happens in your body. If you suddenly remove this hair, then you will see the energies will move in that direction. So people who are doing certain type of sadhana, want that to happen. So people don’t just shave their head whenever they feel like it. On the darkest night of the month, which is called the shivaratri, the fourteenth day of the moon’s faces, one day before amavasya. On that day they shave because on that day, and the amavasya day, and the next day, when energies are, naturally there is an upsurge of energy in the human system, we want to accelerate that a little more. So on that day it is taken off. Because there is sadhana attached to that. If there is no sadhana, it won’t make much of a difference. Some of you may know that, particularly ladies who have never shaved their head in their life, suddenly one day if they go and shave their hair, they will become mentally imbalanced. Because excessive energy in the direction, they are not able to handle. If already there is a small imbalance, it will exaggerate itself. Because there is an excess energy moment in that direction. But if it’s calibrated properly and there is a necessary sadhana to support it, it works to your benefit. The nature of the body is such, the volume of energy that one neuron consumes in the body, in the in the brain, is many, many, many fold more than what one cell in the body consumes. So in terms of the physical structure, how the energy consumption is distributed. You can see this yourself, if somebody worries about something, they will lose weight. The best ways to lose weight is worry about something. You know that, isn’t it? Yes or no? Because more activity means, more stressful activity in the brain means, it’ll consume a lot of energy and it will bring down the body’s weight.


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