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The biggest obstacle in your life


Why don’t you be sincere enough to simply say that you don’t know? If you say I do not know, what you will do? You will seek because nobody can live with ‘I do not know’ for too long. So you just believe something that somebody told you, it quells you, it puts you to sleep. But it doesn’t get any, it doesn’t get you any closer to reality as such, isn’t it? Just makes you believe one more story. The fight in the world is not between good and evil, it is just one man’s belief versus another man’s belief, isn’t it? Now this many people believe my story, this many people believe somebody else’s story, can you stop these people fighting after some time? Initially they will say bhai, bhai. Initially they say we are all brothers, we are together, this, that. But tomorrow, when these people insist our story is right and these people also insist our story is the reality, can you stop them from fighting? Anyway they will fight. Please understand, all the fight in the world is just one man’s belief versus another man’s belief. Simply because they believe things that they do not know. Now these stories, very entertaining, culturally rich. But if you’re looking for enlightenment, if you’re looking for liberation, if you’re looking for going beyond your limitations, they are of no consequence. If you’re just looking for colour, if you’re just looking how to decorate your life, then culture is useful. So let’s not destroy the culture, let’s enjoy the culture. But, don’t go by the stories. Don’t believe or disbelieve the story, just enjoy the story, isn’t it? Now when it comes to creation, instead of asking why, if you see, right now you are a part of the creation and like you said, you’re entangled and stuck and drowning in the creation, as you say. Not everybody may be drowning. But, at least, quite a lot of people feel that they’re drowning when things go wrong at least. When things don’t go the way they want them to go, they feel they’re drowning, isn’t it? So right now in some way you’re entangled. Now if you ask me, how to go beyond this instead of asking why creation. If you ask how to transcend creation, now I have a way. I have a method. I have a clear cut path as to how to go beyond this. But if you ask me why, I can only tell you a story. Even if the story is true, still, in your experience, it is just a story isn’t it? Yes? Even if the story that I am telling is actually true, as far as your experience goes, it is just another story. If it appeals to your mind, you will believe it. If it does not appeal to your mind, you will not believe it. So stories won’t transform people. You believe god to be a demon and demon to be a god, it makes no difference because after all it’s just your belief.

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