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The dangers of past life regression!


Hypnosis essentially means, that you’re not really trying to access reality through a process. You’re trying to establish whatever you wish, isn’t it? Isn’t that the basis of hypnosis? If you hypnotize a person, you’re not hypnotizing him because you want to take him into reality. You want him to invent reality, isn’t it? If you want to take somebody into reality, you need awareness, which is just a reverse of hypnosis. Now they are saying it’s hypnotherapy. So they’re going to invent another reality, which they believe is going to correct you. So you’re in one kind of problem, you’re trying to balance it off with something else. It may work in short. If somebody is very sick, anything is okay. If it’s going to help them a bit, it’s okay. But if you’re asking me as a spiritual process, definitely no. Regression, it’s all just psychological nonsense generally. But suppose you can do it, let’s say, you could go into past life regression. What I would say is, most human beings right now, the way they are, they cannot even handle one lifetime’s memory. If you remember 10 lifetimes, your mind will crack up. There are other more responsible ways of doing this. Where we remind you not in terms of memory, but it works itself out in the form of energy. People been to samyama meditations? Are there any? Okay. Samyama is essentially this, that layers of unconscious mind can be brought to a conscious level and worked out. But not on the memory level, on the energy level because if memory comes, people will just crack up. They cannot handle the load of two or five or ten lifetimes. Your mind is not capable of handling that. It will definitely crack you up and confuse your life completely. If you remember things from past life, and there are all people, let us say. In your neighbourhood. your neighbours, whatever, your neighbour’s husband or let’s say your neighbour’s dog happened to be your child in past life. I can’t imagine you. With the kind of emotions you have right now, you will not be able to manage this. It would drive you crazy. So it would be utterly irresponsible, if somebody is capable of opening our past lives, it would be utterly irresponsible to open it.


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