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The four ways of becoming meditative


There are four ways to become meditative. So you can use the body to reach your ultimate nature, this is called karma yoga. If you use your intelligence to reach your ultimate nature, we call this naan yoga. If you use your emotion to reach your ultimate nature, we call this bhakti yoga. Yoga of emotion or devotion. If you use or transform your inner energies to reach your ultimate nature, we call this kriya yoga. On a certain day, these four yogis, all of them are taking a walk together. Usually they can never be together because they can never get along. Because people who follow the path of intelligence or intellect, they have great disdain for others. They think everybody else is a nut case. Devotional people, they have pity for all the other people. They’re missing everything. Karma yogis, these are people of action. They think everybody is weaving all kinds of philosophies to hide their laziness. Kriya yogis have absolute disdain for everybody because after all the whole existence is energy. If you do not transform your energies, what? So these four people cannot get along. But today all of them are taking a walk together. Suddenly a thunderstorm broke loose, big rain and wind. They started running, looking for shelter. The man of devotion said, in this direction there’s an ancient temple, let’s go there. He knows the geography of temples. So they all ran there. Then they saw a temple where the walls had collapsed long ago. Four columns and a roof underneath that, in the center, there was a deity, an image of god. They all ran there to the temple. Then the storm became more and more severe, it started lashing from every direction. To avoid this, they hugged the deity. All four of them hugged the deity, not because they have fallen in love with god, just to escape the rain. And suddenly god appeared. In all their four minds, the same question, oh why now? We did so much yoga, so much devotion, so much worship, you didn’t come. Now we are just escaping the rain, why have you come? God said, I have been waiting. At last you four idiots got together. So these four have to get together, then you become meditative. Right now your mind is going in one direction, your body is going another direction, your emotions are going somewhere else, your energies are a different matter altogether. If we can somehow align them for one moment, we will see there will be a different dimension happening within you.


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