Duration: 3:30 min

The mystical story of Rudraksha


Rudraksh bead. The legend says, Rudraksh is actually the tears of Shiva. So Shiva sat in a meditative state for a very long time. Everybody thought he is dead because he was completely unmoving. It looks like there was no breath, there was no nothing. But, off and on, tears of ecstasy dribbled out of his eye. That was the only sign of life that he showed. That there was an ecstasy that he could not control, which made him absolutely still, at the same time, once in a way, tears of ecstasy dribbled down. These teardrops fell on the planet or on the ground or in the earth and became Rudraksh. That is what rudras aksha means. These are Shiva’s teardrops. There are many aspects to this. One thing is, it has a unique reverberation. Another thing is, it will be consecrated here so it will become an instrument of grace. But it is also symbolism. The idea of wearing Rudraksh, the ascetics always wore rudraksh. Because, of all the creatures on this planet, from the virus to the bacteria, all the microbes, the worms, insects, plants, trees, birds, animals. None of them can consciously decide whether to reproduce or not. It just happens. If the seed falls out, another sapling rises. That becomes another tree. So nobody can decide whether to reproduce or not. The only creature who has this power is, to hold back the seed and not reproduce consciously, is a human being. I am saying it is possible. Whether all human beings are capable or not is another matter. Because evolutionary process is a slow process, you know. It’s not like on one day tak, it’s done. It’s happening still, for some. So Rudraksh bead is a symbol of that. That Shiva, or the Adiyogi, he is represented by this in many ways because this is a symbol of conscious choice. That you decide. The base processes of life, of eating, reproductive nature, sleeping, all these things you decide. Because once you take these things in your hands, your freedom of life is complete. If food, drink, excretion, reproduction and sleep. If these five things come into your hands, conscious hands, it’s done. Life. Everything is free.


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