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The Occult Wood

In india there are people who’ll practice their #occult art on trees. They’ll practice their occult art, they need some subject to practice on, they’ll make the trees actually bleed. You should not use this tortured wood at home. It can cause a lot of harm.

In india there are people who’ll practice their occult art on trees. You’ve heard of this? They’ll practice their occult art, they need some subject to practice on, they’ll make the trees actually bleed. Red blood coming out. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. They’ll do all kinds of things to the trees. So suppose you happen to take such a tree and cut it, it would be a very tortured tree. This went into somebody’s house, some innocent family not knowing one thing to another, they could really cause harm to themselves. Usually in India carpentry is traditionally taught. Now of course they’re being taught in schools and things. This particular community, which is generally in South India called Acharis. There they’re taught how to feel the wood. How to use the wood. They’ll simply reject wood sometimes. They won’t take it. Now it’s all gone because of commercial reasons. Every piece of wood is used and put into everything, okay. And now it’s all plywood. You don’t know what the hell has gone into it, okay. Otherwise if you went to your traditional Achari, he would, if you say I’m using this for my, let’s say for my puja room, or my worship room, he’ll say no. This wood I can’t do, you get me another wood. If he says this is for my, you know, I’m making a cradle for my child, he said no this wood I won’t make it with a child like this. They’ll choose. They’ve become experts in you know feeling the wood like that. But all that is almost, I would say more than 90 percent gone, unfortunately. It’s a very subtle force, only sometimes it’s very strong, otherwise generally it’s a subtle force. Actually in many homes, probably women, if the women are not, I’m not saying this with any negative thing, if they’re not pumped up career oriented, but they’re little more gentle, they feel the home around. If that kind of women are there probably they would know where to put what, without actually thinking about it. Without you know, exactly logically deciphering, but they may arrange it in such a way that it is not, it feels good, that it doesn’t become a negative force in the house. I’m sure a lot of women are sensitive to those things. They may not be conscious about it. Because, I’ve particularly seen an aunt of mine, would spend hours changing positions. A little bit like this, little bit like that, a little bit like this, till she feels. I’m like that too. I have to move things all around. It has to be like that. Because if you’re sensitive, all these things are real for you.


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