Duration: 3:29 min

The power of imagination

Sadhguru narrates an incident from his childhood, when using the power of imagination, Sadhguru built an entire zoo and took his cousin for a tour. It was so captivating, that Sadhguru’s cousin wanted to keep going back!

Tantra is willing to use the mind in a certain way. Tantric processes need elaborate visualization, elaborate. Very sophisticated levels of visualization, to a point where it manifests. To make mental process just like a physical process is what tantra is trying to do. To make imagination so strong that after some time it is like physical. You actually create a ghost or you create a god, both are possible. Both are possible – any kind of form you want, you can actually create it, manifest it, and make it walk. You know, like I was probably at that time first standard, means I’m five-six, six-seven I think, second-third standard I must have been. And I have a cousin brother who’s a no good fellow. So that time, in my mind […]. I can be engaged in my mind for hours on end without any communication with anybody. Because I’m setting up all kinds of things. So I loved Mysire zoo so much, I want to have my own zoo. So, I designed my own zoo. I didn’t call it a zoo. It was a world by itself, where animals were not locked as I wanted them. They were all over the place. Lots of animals and of course I had a Rhinoceros. So this fellow, you know one day something, he was with me and I told him, you want to see my pet animals? Said yeah! So, I just kind of took him in. I just started talking to him and I sat with him and I told him – see this is it, can you see this, can you see this, can you see this, can you see this one? Every day he wants to go. Couple of times I allowed because he had something that I wanted. After that he has nothing but he wants to go every day. And every day i have to sit with him and take him in. He got addicted to it. I am saying it can become so real.


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