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The power of Saligram (rare stone)

Saligram is a very rare piece of stone, which is extremely powerful. Though it is very hard to find, but if you do happen to pick it up, you will cause a lot of trouble to yourself. Only if you know how to use it, it’s a great treasure. People in family situations should never keep a Saligram stone at home.

Saligram is a particular kind of stone which is extremely rare to find. Generally, sea animals are being sold as saligrams. Any piece of stone is being sold as saligram, those are not saligrams. Or people are moulding them in various kind of resins and selling them. Definitely that is not saligram. Saligram is a rare piece of stone which is one in a billion. If you manage to pick it, and even if you pick it you may not know the difference unless you’re of a certain kind. And if you happen to pick a genuine saligram, if you do happen to pick a genuine saligram, then you’re in real trouble. Because you should know how to manage this. Otherwise you will be in lot of trouble. It can can also make your life, if you know how to use it, it’s a great treasure if you know how to use it. Otherwise it can be disastrous if you do not know how to use it. People who are living in family situations, simple lives without much discipline, without much focus, without much awareness should never ever keep a saligram in their home. If they do, they could go through any amount of turmoil. We have seen such families. Somebody, you know, 2-3 generations ago, your grandmother, grandfather, somebody brought a saligram. They made their life out of it. But after they died, the next generation do not know how to keep it. And those families go through such turmoil and such horrors which are unimaginable because they simply do not know how to manage the energy. It is like you have a powerhouse, you have a power generating source in your house and you don’t know how to manage the energy and you will be constantly in trouble, isn’t it? Whatever you touch, you will be in trouble. So this is just like that, it’s a tremendous power storehouse of energy. It is like a mini cosmos. It is a micro cosmos in its own way. Because it carries the same type of energy as cosmos would in its magnified version. So, this thing about seeking eka mukhi, seeking saligrams, please leave these things alone. This is not a genuine spiritual process. This is a souvenir collection. You know, wherever you go, you want to pick up something and think this is sacred, that is sacred. Everybody wants a eka mukhi. You yourself have many faces. When you have many faces, if you wear eka mukhi, you are asking for trouble. If your whole life is just one pointed and then you wear it, it’s a great thing.


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