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The right way of Breathing

Are you breathing from your chest or the belly? Which is the right way to #breathe? Did you know that If you breathe from your belly it will cause lethargy!

To breathe in the right way – if you watch a child you would see, if a child is asleep, you will see child breathes in such a way, the breath is largely between pit of the throat to the navel. He doesn’t expand the lower belly. He just here and here. Not this. Some adults might have developed the habit of breathing through the entire belly. Well, if this happens, inertia will come into the body. The word ‘vayu’ literally means that which moves. Generally referred to the air. Right now here, you know the air is moving with force you can’t miss it. It’s moving a lot of things along with it. So this this aspect which we refer to as ‘vayu’ is that which moves – it’s also an element. Within the body, in a fundamental way it manifests as five basic ‘vayus’. Well if you want to understand it a little more profoundly it becomes 10. If you want to know every intricacy about it it becomes 84. But they’re too subtle. You will have to spend lifetimes of focus to figure these things out. Generally if you get the five values in place, and on, the other things will naturally fire up and function by themselves. What these ‘vayus’ means is, because they move everything in the system – your digestive fires if they have to move, these ‘panch vayus’ are needed, circulation must happen, nutrients must spread across the body, wastes have to be removed from the cellular level, for everything to happen you need movement. If you stop the moveent then you will see, the body will not be able to sustain life. So whether the flow is full flow or is it a restricted or constipated flow, this is the aspect we are looking at.

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