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The right way to eat Ghee, and it’s health benefits

Sadhguru gives a health tip, and shares various benefits of eating Ghee (clarified butter). He also tells the right way of consuming it, and also how it should not be consumed.

Ghee has this capability, normally we must understand this, today we are mixing it with so many things, Ghee and sugar, Ghee and carbs, and everything. Otherwise, generally traditionally, Ghee was always eaten as the first mouthful. And the idea of eating the first morsel with Ghee is, Ghee is a lubricant which lubricates the entire elementary canal. That should be the first thing you consume. So, that it facilitates a certain easy passage of food. And also there is a factor in India, uh you know in many ways chilly is the spirit of India, okay. So especially in Rajasthan, chilly is uh you know. Because even if a camel eats, it must be tasty. So, it is really really heavy on chili. When you eat very spicy food, it’s very good to coat your tract with Ghee, before you consume that. In Andhra Pradesh, in Rajasthan, in various other places, wherever there is very hot spicy food, eating Ghee has been a part of Indian tradition. Leaving that aside, the importance of Ghee is, it keeps the elementary canal clean. See, one important aspect of being physiologically and psychologically healthy is, you must have a clean colon. If you go to an Ayurvedic doctor or a Siddha Vaidya, if you have any kind of problem, even if you say you’re mentally disturbed, first thing that they do to you is, you have sleepless nights, first thing they do to you is, to purge you. Because a clean colon is vital for all these things. So, one who consumes Ghee in a proper manner, that person’s colon will always be clean. Because nothing sticks there, nothing stays there for long periods of time. Today colon cancer, intestinal cancer, are becoming so big – I would say it is not that you can prevent this absolutely, but the incidence would be much lower, if there is a certain amount of consumption of Ghee. And the Ghee must be of the right quality, I don’t know what commercial geese that people are eating today. But if it is properly made from cow’s milk or even buffalo’s milk, if the ghee is made, it has many important uh benefits. One particular benefit is that, this is because you are saying it’s an Ayurvedic conference I think I can take the liberty of saying this, it enhances the Aura within the system. The cellular Aura will go up, and you will have a higher sense of aliveness in the system, which becomes visible in the way you are to people. It’s not just by eating Ghee, at the same time if you eat Ghee and carbohydrates together, if you Ghee and sugar together, then it adds as fat. But if you eat just Ghee, or just with a small morsel of food that you eat Ghee in the beginning, then it works more as a lubricant. Body’s ability to digest Ghee is very low when Ghee goes in by itself. But when it is mixed with something else and goes, it tends to add fat. So, in terms of sedentary life, the question had the sedentary life issue, that is relevant only when you’re mixing it with sugar and carb. Otherwise Ghee does not make you fatten up in any way. It works more as a lubricant in the elementary canal.

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