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The right way to take a bath (do this when not taking a head bath)


In the yogic culture, a shower, there was no shower. Bath always meant dip in the river. Always went to the river, dipped, come out and do it. If you do this, your muscles will be good. So an alternate way of doing it is, usually in our homes the pail that we use to pour water is this big. At least it has 4 litres of water. If you do this, the whole body. That’s it. Always. I mean I’m not going to insist on this for the ladies, your hairstyles and everything. But always a bath means, the first pail of water is on your head. Always. Putting cold water on your body will shift the heat into your brain very rapidly. It should not happen. So this is why, those who don’t want to wet their hair, at least you take a little bit of cold water and put it. You know there’s a point here, in line with your ears. Here. At that point you put little cold water, immediately you will see a certain cooling happens in the head region. After that, you can have bath with just the body. But otherwise, always, the first pail of water is over your head, not on your body. So what you do is, you fill the bucket, and. That’s the best way to do it in the morning. The body should be immersed in water. You’re trying to create a simulated dip in the river. Okay? At the same time, the whole body should be, at least the skin should be covered in water. At the same time, not like this, this, this. Like this, this, this, you know. If you pour water, the whole body, the body should think you’re taking it for a dip. So, if you pour like this, there is a certain coolness in the system and muscles become very flexible. Shower can do it too. If the shower is forceful enough, or at least if the vloume of water is good enough, shower can easily do that.


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