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The science behind bowing down & a crash course on 7 Chakras


Essentially because, you can receive anything that comes towards you in many different ways. The yogic intention, always, is to receive it from the higher aspects of your life. You know there is anahata, which is the meeting of two triangles. Below that, is manipuraka, swadisthana, and muladhara. Which are all chakras representing different aspects of survival process. Survival, basic survival, reproductive process, maintenance process, all survival related. Here it comes. And there are two triangles intersecting each other because this is ultimate ecstacy, this is realisation, this is power, this is love. And these sections, these triangles intersecting. When there is a consecrated space, what it means is, there is a powerful energy which has the possibility of transforming you. That energy must come to you always from the highest possibility that you can receive. You can receive from your sahasrar, it would be too fantastic. That is the reason, the moment any Indian person goes into temple, first thing is they want to expose this. They keep it wet. In a proper temple they’re told, even in the Dhyanalinga temple people go, wet themselves. A wet head, because they’re hoping this energy will enter hear. It didn’t work, so hoping here. Didn’t work, then they will take, hoping this will work. Nothing worked. Then they will say this. But they don’t want to go here. Because these are survival processes. We don’t want to enhance them. We want to enhance other dimensions of life which will enhance our life because if you survive better. If you survive, it’s good. It’s very essential we survive. But, surviving better than somebody is not a life goal. It’s a waste of time because whatever you do, you’re not going to survive forever. So because of this, the whole culture, understanding this dimension, they created the societies in a certain way. That when you go to any consecrated space, you’re like this because you want it to enter here, you want to become blissful. Ecstatic. Doesn’t work. At least peacefulness and realisation. Balance and free from all kinds of poisons that are there in the world should not enter you. So essentially, you want the upper part of your body, above anahata, to be exposed to this.

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