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The significance of geometric perfection – the impact of building design


In the physical world, the most important aspect is geometric perfection. So geometry is very important. In the yogic sciences, the entire yogice sciences on the physical level, is just about aligning your geometry, your individual geometry to the cosmic geomtry so that, at some point, there is no difference between you and the cosmos. A machine, let’s say an engine, let’s say a car engine. If we say it is well engineered, essentially we are saying it’s geometrically perfect. Yes or on? It is geometrically so perfect, there is least amount of friction. The same goes for this. If it is geometrically perfect, there is least amount of friction. If there is least amount of friction, there is very little wear and tear in terms of life. So architecture is dwellings and usable buildings that we build. In some way, in some way they must find their place with the rest of the creation. I think we’ve lost this completely simply because we answer liberty with material. Once steel and concrete came, we thought we can build like this, we can build like this, we can build like this. Whichever way we want because of the strength of the material. Doing things with just sheer force, is all right sometimes for agility. But if you do everything like that, your life will become ugly. Not only the building, your life will become ugly because you’re doing things with force. Life is beautiful when we can do things with minimum force and maximum impact. Yes or no? Anything that we do, we do it with minimum force but with maximum impact, then life feels aesthetic and beautiful. If you exert maximum force and minimum impact, that’s a crude way to live. So our architecture has taken to this mode simply because we found material, where the strength of the material is such we can do absurd shapes and still make them stand. Something which has no right to stand up geometrically is standing up simply because of the strength of the material. If we withdraw from that excitement of finding new material, to more sensible geometry in the world, well, you will see world will feel much better. People will be much healthier, physically and mentally if they live in such buildings. There’ll be many other benefits. Above all, you will cause minimum disturbance to everything around you.


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