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The solution to travel tiredness and not being able to sleep in a new place


Especially in travel, your aura gets frayed. This is the reason why you feel so exhausted with travel. Actually you sit and do nothing. Somebody is driving, you just sit. After 10 hours you find you’re so tired. You did nothing. Because your energy gets frayed, your body is moving at a faster speed than it is designed to move. So the first thing that is damaged is your aura. If you go faster, faster, faster, faster. Let’s say you travel 600 miles per hour in an open space, without a windshield. You will see your skin will peel off, isn’t it? After that your flesh will fly off. After that your bones will fly off. Yes or no? The first thing that begins to be damaged is your aura. So with movement, with faster and faster movement, aura gets frayed. So if you wear rudraksh, it gives you a certain cocoon, it gives a certain stability to your aura. Travel, movement can be taken well. One who is constantly eating and sleeping in different places, his body goes through a certain level of destabilization. In the sense, many of you might have noticed this, you went to a new place, even if you’re very exhausted, somehow in a certain place your body won’t settle down and sleep. Have you noticed this? Ever? If you’re a traveling person, you would have noticed it in some places. Your body just won’t settle down. You’re fully exhausted but you cannot sleep. This is because in your own house, in your own bedroom. Today there is something called as, what is it? The forensic people are using this. What? Thermal imaging, is it? See if you sit here now, 24 hours later somebody will come with a machine and find out where Gayatri was sitting. There is a memory in the place which they’re able to detect. This person was sitting only here, not there. Well, if you bring your dog, it knows you are sitting here, isn’t it? So something is left there, isn’t it so? Something is obviously left there that is why a dog or a machine or something can detect it. So you are sleeping in the same bed every day, here, certain aspect of your energy is left here. Here, you’re very comfortable. If you go to another place where the energies are very different, your body may not settle. Sometimes it could be damaging to the system. So a person who is constantly traveling wears a rudraksh so that he has a cocoon of his own energy, that the outside energies does not disturb him. He has a, we call this a kavach. You know what’s a kavach? Kavach? It’s more like a cocoon. It’s a cocoon of your own energy. Wherever you go, you have your private bedroom going with you. It travels with you wherever you go.


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