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This is the key to knowing the ultimate reality


You’re living in a certain prison. Let’s say, there’s a fort around you. Initially, if the wall is big enough, it all seems to be okay. Yes? Let’s say this is a 50 acre land, big wall. You lived in this only all the time. You felt quite all right. But then, suddenly you see up and the birds seem to be going beyond 50 acres. The wind seems to be blowing beyond 50 acres. There is something within you which gets into the madness. People around you pretend to be sane, they all tell you stop that nonsense, just do what you have to do here. Don’t have such fancy dreams, you know. Aren’t they telling you? The so-called worldly wise people, they’re always telling you. But you cannot suppress this. If you suppress this, you will suffer. If it doesn’t find expression, you will suffer. But if it seeks expression, you’ll suffer even more. A seeker suffers much more than others because now he knows the pain of ignorance. Most people in the world do not know the pain of ignorance. If you do not know the pain of ignorance, you have no real longing within you, isn’t it? You are the kind, if you eat a pizza you are happy. I’m not saying you should not enjoy your pizza. It’s just that if you eat a pizza, you think life is fulfilled. Now you still don’t know the pain of ignorance. You think by eating, sleeping, or indulging in this pleasure or that pleasure, life is complete. You still do not know the pain of ignorance. The pain of ignorance should tear you apart. Then the longing to know becomes intense. If the longing to know becomes intense, it is just one moment. The reason why it seems to be so far away is simply because the necessary longing has not come. It is just off and on longing. Accordingly, off and on experience. If the longing becomes so intense that, till I know I cannot sleep, I cannot eat, I cannot breathe. If it becomes like that, just in one moment you will know. Because what you are seeking is not sitting on the mountain or floating on the clouds. It is within you. You know Jesus told you, though he did his initial marketing about taking you to kingdom of god, the moment enough people gathered, he turned around and said kingdom of god is within you. If kingdom of god is somewhere, I don’t care to go there, it’s okay. If it’s within you and you missed it, that’s tragedy, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? If it is somewhere up in the heaven, I don’t want to go there, I’m happy in Ohio. That’s different. But if it’s within you and you missed it, that’s true tragedy isn’t it? Right now that’s the tragedy. It’s right here and people are missing it.

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