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This one thing will make your life become beautiful


For me life is not about what you do, it’s all about how you do it. Well, if you fix the how you do it, you will see what you do naturally transforms itself. In the sense, well when you’re too concerned about what you do, you tend to become a missionary. Zealous about what you’re doing. Even though you may have good intentions, the moment you become overzealous, you will see that good things will turn out to give out bad results. Sometimes terrible results because most terrible things in the world have been done with best of intentions. We must know this. Those who are exploding here and there, those who started wars, those who massacred millions of people, they all thought they are doing this for the good of humanity. So it’s very important, how you do it must become important. Once how is important, you’re regulated and above all, every small thing that you do will be of equal importance. There will be no such thing as small things and big things. When how you do is the basis of what you do, everything that you do can become beautiful and it in turn makes the world very beautiful. So how you do things in your life is most important. Do not compromise that for what you do because whatever you do, we must understand, our time here is very brief. As human beings, as one generation of people, as individual human beings our time here is very brief so do not become overzealous. Yes, being passionate about what you’re doing is important but do not become overzealous because if you make what you do more important than how you do it, this is bound to happen over a period of time. If not you, the next person will pick it up in that direction. By making how you do the most important aspect of your life, you will always maintain your humanity and exude the fundamental nature of being human. That’s most important. The most important thing is we exude the nature of being human. What is it to be human. Well every other creature lives defending their boundaries, but there is a longing in the human being which is unique to the human being on this planet. That you always want to expand your boundaries. When you want to expand your boundaries, either you can try to do it with conquest. That will become ugly. Or you can do it with love and embracing the world. This is about how everybody wants to include everything. The process of inclusion can be conquest, can be ambition, can be shopping. Or just out of your love, empathy and compassion you can include the world as a part of yourself. This is what I meant by saying how you do it is more important than what you do.

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