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Try this 30 day experiment for better health


As you exercise your body. If you just do this a thousand times a day. Just do like this thousand times a day, and after one month just see how well your hand will work. Nothing else. Just sit here and just do this thousand times a day. After 30 days, you will find your hand works wonderfully well. If you do that with your brains, it will work wonderfully well in a month’s time. If you do this with your heart, it will work wonderfully well. If you do that with your life energies, it will work wonderfully well. When all these things work well, that’s health. Health is not something that you invent. Health is not your idea. Health is life happening well. The life process is happening well, that’s health. It’s not your idea or my idea. We are acting as if health is our idea. As if we created health. We didn’t create health. If at all, if we have created health, if at all we have created anything, we have created ill health. We have not created health. Health is life’s way. If you allow life to function fully, it is healthy. So you just have to use your body, use your head, and use your energies. If these three things are well exercised and balanced, you will be healthy. So because right now we are enjoying the gadgets, but if you build activity into your life, physical, mental and energy. All these things if you build in, health will come. Your body is working well, your mind is working well, and your energy is supporting the tool making sure nothing goes wrong. That’s health.

Physical Health

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