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Try this – A simple way to be always joyful and exuberant!


The simplest and the most fundamental thing that you can do in your life is, that you’re life always. You don’t have to be in any particular way, you just have to be alive. Everything else, including the body and the mind, are accessories to life. Accessories are added to life to facilitate certain things, not to overshadow life. We add accessories to facilitate, to add on and enhance. Not to overshadow completely, not to occupy life but to enhance life. If you know this, and know this every moment of your life, that everything that you possess including your body and your mind are accessories. They’re here only to enhance this life, not to overshadow this life. Oh let me see how you get depressed. You must get spot on with life, this is all you have to do. What is you and what is not you must be distinction. So whatever is not you, when you hold it you must hold it in a certain way. Of course, depending on the nature of what it is. If it’s a flower, we hold it one way. If it’s a vessel, we hold it another way. If it’s a pen, we hold it another way. Can you employ the same grip on everything? It’s different depending upon the nature of what it is. But every kind of grip that you use, if you notice how you hold anything for that matter, there is always this dimension that you can loosen the grip and let it be. Suppose you hold something and you cannot loosen the grip. Okay, you are heading for the stuff. So just look at these things, how many things in your life are such that you held it and now you can’t loosen the grip? But this, a simple thing is like this, tomorrow morning you’re going to die. I’m very generous, I’m giving you 24 hours. Yes? The nature of life is such, it never guarantees 24 hours for you, but I am giving you 24 hours. Tomorrow morning you’re going to die. Do what you want, you’re going to loosen the grip on everything, isn’t it? Do whatever you want, whichever way you want to loosen the grip on anything. Have you seen in the Hindi movies? No? Have you not seen the movies? Loosen the grip, it’s gone. Loosen the grip on your body, loosen the grip on your mind, your thought, your emotions. Just loosen the grip a little bit. When you’re alive, if you loosen the grip you will become exuberant.

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