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Try this experiment to understand your mind


People come to me, like right now you’re all saying IIT is the problem, so I’m inviting you to IYC Isha Yoga Center. A lot of people come to me and say, Sadhguru, these are people who passed out okay? Sadhguru, my mother-in-law she’s another, you know, from somewhere else she is. I just don’t know how to live with this person. And my husband, after all he is her son. My wife, impossible. My boss is not even human. Like this it goes on. Then I tell them, see don’t worry. Your husband, wife, mother-in-law, boss nobody will come here, you’re protected. Like IIT, IYC also well protected. Nobody will come here. You just come and stay, I’ll give you a nice place to stay, food is good. You don’t have to do anything, just be joyful that’s all. None of these tormentors are there. Just be joyful. 24 hours you leave them in the one room, you must see in how many ways they twist themselves out. When you are alone if you are miserable, you are obviously in bad company isn’t it? So all the young people should do this to yourself. At least for three days, one week. I will provide you the atmosphere, otherwise you can walk into the Himalayas. But there there is no food and supply, you know you will have to go searching. I will provide you food, everything. Just come, spend some time. Not with any purpose, simply. If you sit alone for three days, no television, no book, no texting. Simply by yourself, let’s see what happens. You must know the nature of who you are. You should not go on dodging yourself and one day you will explode into something. You must know what is the level of madness you are suffering. When I say madness, if your mind is out of your control, is that called madness in definition? Hello? If your mind does not take instructions from you, it’s out of control, is that called madness? Just try. Just today, after this event, just go sit quietly in your room. Just see what all your mind does. You decide, don’t tell anybody. You decide what is the level of madness you’re going through.

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