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Try this mind experiment to get insight into how the mind works


Well, see the way the question is asked and also the way, normally it’s addressed is, people think there is something called as negative thought and positive thought. They want to remove the negative thoughts and have only positive thoughts. For such people, I would ask them to just experiment for 10-15 seconds. Let them forcefully remove one thought from their mind. For example, next 10 seconds, just don’t think of a monkey. Try not to think of a monkey for next 10 seconds, you will see you will be full of monkeys. So what I’m saying is, this is the nature of your mind. Because, in this mind, all the three pedals are throttle. There is no break, there is no clutch, whatever you touch, it will only go faster. In this kind of mind, people have been taught, from moral teachers and religious teachers, do not think about bad things. Well, since then it’s been a full-time job. So there is no way you can handle the mind like this. This doesn’t need any great enlightenment. If you spend two minutes with your eyes closed, you will realize you cannot do anything forcefully with this mind. So, I want to remove negative thoughts. Do not ever go in this direction because what you want to remove will become your quality. Always you will be on it. So what should I do? The thing is this, without understanding the fundamental mechanism of this mind, because our mind, human mind is the most soft sophisticated computer on the planet. Even all the super computers have come out of this. When this is the case, is it not important that we understand the mechanics of how it functions? One simplistic aspect of how it functions is, there are no subtractions and divisions in our mind. There is only addition and multiplication. If you try to do something with it, it will say one more. If you try hard, it will multiply into many more. In this mind, you don’t try to identify what is positive, what is negative, and try to remove it. First of all, one needs to understand, this mind of yours, this body of yours is supposed to serve you. The life that you are is important. Body and mind are vehicles, that must serve us. If you sit in a vehicle, it must go where you want to go. If it goes to its own destination, what is the point of such a vehicle? It’s just a nuisance. Right now, most human beings are unfortunately experiencing this fantastic possibility of human mind as a nuisance, as a troublesome thing. Well, this is the most beautiful thing you have.


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